Here, at the NC Science Trail, we get very excited when one of our partners has news to share with the world. Especially, when that news involves helping kids to have science education opportunities that might not otherwise be possible. Our friends over at the Pisgah Astronomical Research Institute (PARI) in Pisgah National Forest host some pretty incredible summer camps. If your kids are enthralled with all-things space, these camps are summer experiences you should definitely consider. And PARI is now announcing their availability for summer camp scholarships. Take a look at this information, link over to their website, and reach out with any questions. This looks like an awesome summer!


Some of the scholarships available cover the full cost of camp with the exception of the registration fee which is typically $50.

Some scholarships cover a portion of the cost of camp. The amount they cover may be set so that every recipient receives the same amount of coverage, or the amount may vary based on financial need. Campers may be eligible for more than one partial scholarship so the total they cover may be higher.

At times, scholarships to help cover the cost of travel to and from camp may be available.

Campers may be awarded funds to their camper account for use in PARI’s camp gift shop or while on field trips. This can be used for things like apparel, snacks, and souvenirs.


How eligibility is determined?

The single most important quality in a scholarship recipient is that they want to be at camp. There are often more campers seeking financial support than there is funding to go around so campers who ask for a scholarship should be prepared to make the most of camp and participate fully. If your camper attends with the support of a scholarship and does not follow the expectations laid out in our Camper Guide you may be required to pick them up from camp early.


There is so much more additional information on the PARI website regarding types of scholarships, eligibility, and how recipients are chosen. Don’t wait, typically camps are full and these scholarships are gone by March. PARI Camps run in June and July and can be viewed on our calendar here.

Visit this link below to read more and to find out how to apply today. Reach out with any questions you might have.