David Schafer, a Park Ranger at Merchants Millpond, shared pictures and information about their Science Festival event: Paddling out to the BIG TREE. If you don’t know about the BIG TREE, you definitely should. Read below to find out how Merchants Millpond celebrated Science Festival month this year, and then make your way over the this incredible Coastal Region State Park to find out about the BIG TREE yourself.

You’ll be glad you did.

Written by David Schafer. Photos by volunteer, Chuck Richardson

In celebration of Science Festival, Merchants Millpond State Park staff and volunteers took visitors for a paddle deep into Lassiter Swamp to the famous Big Tree.

Photo by Chuck Richardson

The Big Tree is a 700-1400 year old Bald Cypress tree that has survived centuries of hurricanes, wildfires, and loggers. It now stands tall above the rest of the forest canopy.

Along the way, visitors had a chance to see one of the park’s resident alligators.

Photo by Chuck Richardson

Merchants Millpond holds a plethora of natural wonders and it was a wonderful time showing them off to our intrepid wetlands visitors.

Is that Sean Higgins at the Big Tree? (Photo by Chuck Richardson)