Located in Harnett County, 40 miles southwest of Raleigh, Raven Rock State Park boasts the namesake 150-foot crystalline cliff that overlooks the Cape Fear River. The trails along the bluffs that lead to the rock are dotted with beautiful wildflowers, including mountain laurel. Alternate hikes towards the river reward visitors with landmarks like Lanier Rapids, Fish Traps Rapids, and the remains of the Northington Lock and Dam. Other access areas offer bridle trails, bike trails, and a campground with RV camping and camper cabins. Campers must have a reservation to camp at any of the campsites.
Raven Rock State Park has over 30 miles of hiking trail. Raven Rock Loop Trail is the signature trail, featuring the Raven Rock outcrop and the Overlook. Some trails are multiuse for mountain bicycling or horseback riding. Raven Rock State Park does not have horses for rent. Please check the website for inclement weather trail closures for the bike and bridle trails. There are no kayak or canoe launches in the park. Boaters must use alternative County accesses to travel the river.
Please be prepared when you come to the park. Bring bottles for water, flashlights, and charged cell phones if you will be hiking near sunset. Be aware and mindful of trail distances, sunset, and park closure times. Park gates lock at closing time and all campers must be in and day-use hikers be out by those posted times. The Park’s Visitor Center is open every day (except December 25) from 8am-5pm.

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