The Cowan Museum of History and Science is housed within the Kelly-Farrior House (ca. 1848) and has an historical park with 6 buildings, including a log cabin, general store, and a tobacco barn. In addition to an impressive geology collection, objects on display mostly focus on 19th and 20th century tools and technology that document a history of innovation, resourcefulness, and creativity. Adjacent to the museum’s main building is the Joann Cowan Brown Botanical Garden, which has approximately 90 species of native plants and is a HotSpot for the ecoEXPLORE program. The Museum also offers STEAM programs for people of all ages.

Site Sciences:
BiologyBotanyClimate ScienceEnvironmental ScienceFossilsGeologyHuman MedicineNatural historyPaleontologyTechnology / Physical ScienceWe have a wide variety of STEAM programming by appointment and via special events